Michigan Medical Group Management Association accomplishes many of its goals using the services of its members on various committees. Because we’d like to encourage you to participate in this all-important process, we’ve included a brief description of each standing committee, and the functions they perform; click on the name of any committee for more information, including meeting times, and the current membership.

Often, committees will divide assignments so the members do not need to make excessive time or travel commitments. Below you will find committee descriptions. The MiMGMA President shall appoint members to a particular committee in consultation with the Executive Committee and respective Committee Chair.

MiMGMA Committees

Business Partners Committee

The Business Partners Committee works closely with our affiliate members to develop strategies for promoting the name and image of the MiMGMA. 

Current Chairpersons: Julie Hardy


Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee monitors the activities of the state and national legislative bodies and reports to the membership on proposed and enacted legislation.

Current Chairperson: Karen Hopman


Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee is responsible for developing programs to recruit and retain members, setting up member networks, developing the membership database, and identifying other services which may be of value to MiMGMA members.

Current Chairpersons: Samona Owens


Program Committee

The Program Committee develops the educational content for the regular Fall and Spring conferences and for any special educational programs sponsored by MiMGMA. 

Current Chairperson:  Christine Hosmer


Reimbursement Committee

The role of the Reimbursement Committee is to address reimbursement issues of importance to the MiMGMA membership by gathering and sharing information, acting as an advocate with third party payers for MiMGMA practices regarding significant reimbursement issues, and providing education for members, patients, legislators, and other constituencies as deemed appropriate.

Current Chairperson:  Joe Rivet