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  • Active Member ($129/year)
    Active membership may be held by one who is a member of the administrative staff and who participates in the business affairs of a clinic or medical group.

  • Dual Member ($461.88/year)
    Through a single enrollment and one low cost, you can bundle the value of your local medical practice community via your state with the perspective that you can only receive when you join more than 55,000 national members. Sign up here.

  • Affiliate Member ($159/year)
    Any vendor of products and or services who wishes to become associated with the Michigan MGMA.

  • Faculty Member ($0/year)
    Faculty memberships may be held by a faculty member who is a full-time faculty teaching business or healthcare administration at an accredited college or university.

  • Non-Member Event Attendee
    Any administrative staff who participates in the business affairs of clinic or medical group who would like to attend a MiMGMA conference but not become a member.

  • Student/Resident Member ($25/year)
    Student/Resident membership may be held by one who is presently enrolled in an accredited college or university for the purpose of pursuing a degree of Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine or Health Care Administration. You must be a full time student as defined by the guidelines of your college or university. Residents are those physicians completing training in an approved program.