MiMGMA Organizational Membership

Medical practices and health systems can save money on their Michigan MGMA memberships by purchasing an organizational membership package! We offer several tiers with options for any healthcare organization with five or more managers. Organizational members also get an additional 10% off conference registration fees.

# Memberships Annual Corporate Cost Cost Per Member Range
5 Members $500 $100
6-9 Members $750 $125-$83.33
10-15 Members $1000 $100-$66.66
16-24 Members $1500 $93.75-$62.50
25 or More Members $2500 $100 max (Unlimited savings!)

Interested in learning more or purchasing an MiMGMA Organizational Membership? Please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly to help you determine which tier is appropriate for your company.

Please note that dual members and affiliate business partner members are not eligible for MiMGMA Organizational Memberships.

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