Dual Membership with National MGMA

Through a single enrollment and one low cost, you can bundle the value of your local medical practice community via your state with the perspective that you can only receive when you join more than 55,000 national members. Sign up today to double your benefits and grow your network with a one or two-year membership that combines the best of practice management solutions, advocacy and professional development resources at a state and national level.   

Dual Membership FAQ's

Who is Eligible for Dual Membership?

  • Anyone who qualifies as an "Active" member at the State Level and has an invidual membership with both the state and national organizations (Sorry, organizational membership members are not eligible at this time).
  • Anyone who meets the following criteria (based on National MGMA's membership criteria):
    • Is directly employed in management or administrative support services by a healthcare entity
    • Any business entity responsible for managing any operational components of an entity that provides healthcare services
    • Healthcare providers/clinicians who hold an active medical license

When Can I Convert to a "Dual Member"?
You can become a dual member upon the anniversary date expiration of your national MGMA membership.  For example, if your MGMA (national) membership expires on March 31st of this year, when you go to renew your membership you can opt into Dual Membership.

What Happens to My Expiration Date Once I Become A Dual Member?"
Your new expiration date (for both state and national MGMA) will be the same.  Your new expiration date will be one year from the date you renew your membership. 

What is the Cost of a Dual Membership?
A One-Year Dual Membership in Michigan costs $410.00.  For those of you who belong to both state and national MGMA, you will save $118 per year. 

I Already Paid My Michigan MGMA Dues - Do I Have to Pay Twice if I Switch To Dual Membership This Year?
No.  As an incentive for members to opt into Dual Membership this year, we will refund any unused part of your state dues once you become a dual member. 

Where Do I Go to Sign Up?
Click the link below to convert to a Dual Member.


Questions about the state portion of a dual membership can be directed to:

Debra O'Shea