Speaker Proposals

We are currently accepting speaker proposals for our Fall Conference on September 28th & 29th in Traverse City. Please fill out the form below to be considered as a speaker for this event. Please note that we do not offer an honorarium to our presenters, with the exception of our keynote speaker. Those who wish to be considered as a keynote speaker should email info@mimgma.org directly and do not need to submit a proposal form.

What are we looking for?

The MiMGMA Program Committee carefully selects topics and speakers for our conferences. Sessions should be purely educational, which means NO promotion of products and services. Your presentation will give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise, and attendees who are particularly engaged by your content will often reach out later to discuss business.

Sessions should provide high quality information that is directly relevant to our attendee's work and job duties. Our audience consists primarily of practice administrators, HR managers, operations directors, CEO/COOs, and others involved in the management and leadership of a medical practice.

Michigan MGMA Sponsors and Business Partner Members generally get top priority consideration for speaking opportunities.

What’s in it for you?

Education: Our presenters are welcome to sit in on any other sessions that may pique their interest. Our Fall Conference will consist of 1.5 days of excellent healthcare & leadership education.

Networking: If their schedule allows, we invite our presenters to join attendees for meals and our Thursday evening networking event.

Showcase Your Expertise: While this is not an opportunity to share a sales pitch on your products/services, it is a great opportunity to sell yourself and your expertise on issues that practice managers deal with every day. 

Next Steps

After submitting your speaker proposal form below, no further action is needed on your part. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Potential speakers will be contacted only if there is an interest and we have a spot available for your proposed topic. There are limited spots available at each conference, so if we are unable to select you as a speaker this time around, please consider submitting a proposal for a future conference.

Speaker Proposal Form

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