Mentor Programs

"Many executives are quick to admit they have learned more from their mentors than they have learned from their undergraduate and graduate training. It would be difficult to overemphasize the value of mentors.” – Terence F. Moore

MiMGMA has recently created a mentorship program for its membership with the purpose to assist early and mid-healthcare administrators in their growth and professional development.  Although, research has shown, those of all ages can benefit from developing a relationship as either the mentor or the mentee in a mentorship program.   Initially, the expectation of the mentor/mentee relationship would be six to twelve months at the discretion of both parties.

Active participation in MiMGMA and the national MGMA is highly encouraged in conjunction with the newly formed mentor/mentee program.

Throughout the year, the MiMGMA Mentorship Committee will solicit mentors and mentees through various media.

Criteria for mentor participation:

  • Active membership in MiMGMA

  • Current position as CEO, VP, Sr. Executive, Director, Administrator, Manager or have a minimum of five years’ healthcare management experience

  • Willingness to help develop other healthcare administrators in their careers

Criteria for mentee participation:

  • Active membership in MiMGMA

  • Less than five years healthcare management experience

  • Agreement in concept to prepare for CMPE and or FACMPE status within the next three years

  • Willingness to develop professionally

The MiMGMA Mentorship Committee will match mentors and mentees based on responses to the Mentor/Mentee Questionnaires received.

One of the main goals of MiMGMA is to “Advance Leaders”; the newly formed MiMGMA Mentorship Program offers another avenue to do just that!

Won’t you consider what you could either “offer” another administrator or what you could “gain” from another administrator by participating in this mentorship opportunity?