ACMPE exam registration can be completed on-demand. ACMPE program participants can register and sit for their exams with as little as two days’ notice any time of the year. 

About the Examinations

ACMPE board certification examinations determine if you have knowledge of the principles of medical practice administration and the application of those principles to real-life healthcare situations and scenarios in addition to how to successfully manage all aspects of a medical practice.

Each examination is created to assess your current level of knowledge in the six Body of Knowledge domains with our exam competencies that define the scope of responsibility of medical practice executives.

The testing formats include: 

  • Multiple choice — Registration fee: $165
    A 175-item test taken within three hours and 15 minutes. This exam assesses your knowledge of group practice management principles and practices as described in the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management.
  • Scenario — Registration fee: $165 (Open to those with validated education/experience requirements)
    A two-hour test with 90 items of multi-select, multiple choice, short answer, or drag and drop questions pertaining to 18-25 practice administration scenarios. This exam assesses in-depth knowledge of medical practice management principles and issues, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Study resources to help nominees prepare for their board certification exams can be found here.

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